Instant Heater

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Instant Water Heater Singapore

Water heater system is a functional home equipment. Based on the process of producing hot water, there are two kinds of system, each with its own usage and advantage. The tankless option of instant water heater are in demand in Singapore for their compact size. It uses pressure reducing system with flow restrictor built into it to enable water to be heated instantly when it flows through the heater. As heats water immediately, instant heater are more economical compared to the tank system. However, instant water heater in Singapore are limited to 3kilowatts, as opposed to 6-12kW to effectively serve whole house at 6-12lit/min flow rate. This low volume translate to inconsistency for split usage.

HomeOne Euro has been providing various international brands of storage and instant water heater for Singapore market for decades. Our competent technician handles installation to ensure smooth process as well as safe and effective usage. Contact us for assistance for your exact requirement.