Atlantic Storage Heater

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Hot water is one element of comfort that is always used without much deliberate thought. As such, water heater is one important home component for daily activities, as water has to be heated before it reaches the tap. There are two types of heater: storage and instant. The choice for hot water production system depends on the necessity, installation requirement, location as well as quality of water in the area. A storage water heater provides a ready source of hot water to be used in a tank. It is constantly heated to be able to be dispersed throughout the home as and when needed. An instant heater heats water directly on demand without the use of a storage tank. HomeOne Euro supply wide ranges of heater from different manufacturers including AO Smith, 707, BeeBest, Champs, Fanco, Geo Ceram, Joven, Magnum, Rinnai, Rheem, Techno, Aerogaz, Rubine as well as the popular Atlantic storage heater.

Atlantic storage heater is well established as reliable equipment in optimizing comfort and cost. It constantly combines superior design, innovation and cutting-edge technology. The French brand is an expert in all types of heating systems and home comfort appliance. Designed to specifically reduce energy consumption, Atlantic storage heater is cost-efficient and environmental friendly.