About Us

Established since 2001. We provide kitchen and bathroom solutions: industry professionals will tell you these are the two most important components in enhancing the value of your property. We are the trusted partner with all the largest companies in Singapore.

From the humble beginning, we have developed to be a reliable and competent team in assisting customers to find the right fit for their bathroom or kitchen, with the right price.

Geberit is one of the main expert in the field of sanitary technology worldwide. Being a leader in most European countries, Geberit provides Singapore market with innovative solutions for safe, elegant yet cost effective. The latest development work from Geberit Singapore is the patented AquaClean shower toilet, a bidet with a great deal of finesse and comfort.

In today’s highly commercialized world, HomeOne is committed to be a dependable provider of comfortable kitchen and bathroom in the region.

We believe that aesthetically appealing yet functional bathroom or kitchen is possible. As such, in each product category we carried wide variety of international brands to help meet your needs and budget. Bathroom products from American Standard offers Singapore customer safe and hygienic solution such as anti-stain and antibacterial technology. American Standard Singapore’s product varied from faucet to spa-like bathroom. Contact us for product details or brands of your preference.